Get Tokens - Participate in  Moon Drop

Moon Drop is an airdrop of the upcoming $APP token. The more points you collect, the more tokens you get from the total airdrop supply.
Download the app, log in to get daily streak multipliers, and complete quests for massive 100X multipliers on your points.

How to Participate in
Moon Drop


Download the App

Create an account and choose your unique username. It can be used as your unique referral code to generate extra income.

Explore Moon Drop Dashboard

Press ‘Earn’ tab at the bottom menu. Then select Moon Drop. Here, you’ll see your collected points for the airdrop, and a list of possible tasks to earn points. The more points, the more tokens from the total airdrop pool.

Complete Your First Task

You can choose the tasks you want to complete. Earn points by inviting friends, making trades, using trading bots, and other functions.

Log In Daily To Multiply Your Points

Achieve a daily streak by logging in every day. When you log in, a random daily multiplier is generated. Use it wisely to maximize your daily points. Daily multiplier is applied to all tasks you complete during the next 24 hour period.

Complete Daily Quests for 100X multiplier

Press the ‘Get Boost’ button to access your daily quest dashboard. Complete 1 specified task every day for 30 days to unlock a 100X boost for your Moon Drop points.

Invite Friends To Earn Points Together

You receive a 20% bonus of all points that your friends generate during Moon Drop, when they trade on the Moon App. Your friends also receive a 20% bonus.

$APP Token
Allocation for Moon Drop

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How to Get App?
The app is available on Android Store and Apple Store.

You can also use our web app here:
How to Get Moon Drop?
Follow the steps outlined on this page. The app has an anti-cheat system in place to remove bot accounts.
My Points Did Not Appear, What to Do?
Wait for 24 hours for the system to calculate your points. In case you think there was a mistake, please reach out on our community channels on Telegram.

Start collecting points in Moon drop

Accelerate your trade to maximum speed, enabled by bots. Input your full trade strategy, before the trade even starts. Get Moon App now.